Principal’s Vision

The educational journey is one that is best shared together in my views and I believe that Ghana Greentech Academy (GGA) must be a success for every student that passes through and that can come in many different forms. Students are very special individuals who need a happy, secure and challenging environment in which to grow and their natural curiosity to explore the world gives teachers the basis on which to build learning experiences.

I dream of an academy that lives and breathes community. An academy that understands that education isn’t just the students, teachers and parents, but the wider community as well. An academy where tutors, parents and students alike welcome friends, family, volunteers and strangers with sincerity. GGA is an academy where staff value the need to support the social and academic development of every single student above all else. A place where staff know the names of every single student and the story which they bring with them. In GGA, tutors are driven by love to participate with students in other extra-curricular activities like Arduino electronics, reading and current affair club, debate club, sports and others. 

This is an academy where tutors inspire students to achieve their full potential and that every day is a new opportunity for them to learn. Here in GGA, classrooms, staffrooms and offices are flexible learning spaces of collaboration. Students and parents actively work alongside the staff to share good news stories that inspire each other to strive for even greater outcomes. As a principal, I hear conversations that focus on bringing everyone together because ‘many minds are better than one’ and I see everyone caring enough to value the thoughts and ideas of others, all be it that they may be different to our own. Parents are informed about what is happening in their child’s classroom and feel empowered by the opportunity to share in the learning that is taking place.

Students here own their learning, knowing that the only way for them to achieve their full potential is to get stuck in and give their very best, and on the other hand believing that technical education is a success and every day is a new opportunity to shine in so many different ways. The students use technology to support their learning and development and also importantly appreciate the fact that the academy values them as an individual and in turn provided opportunities for them to do the things they love and are talented in.

 Above all else, I see Ghana Greentech Academy as a place where we find strength in caring, a place where smiling faces shine brightly and the sounds of laughter fill the grounds and where every day is an opportunity for everyone to achieve their full potential.

William Amegah

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