How an idea can change everything

Ghana is a country rich in natural resources. Our motivation in founding the Ghana Greentech Academy was to help the people here to market, add value and distribute these resources internationally, on their own. From their own resources: this is the decisive key word – because only in this way can it be ensured that the wealth of the country will be preserved for future generations. Sustainable value creation that brings prosperity and work to local people is what we are all about. And it’s been this way for a long time.

The Wallevik family has been active in Ghana since 1957. Even at our first local company, the furniture factory Scanstyle Mim, we were counting on hiring as many local employees as possible. Paul Wallevik made it possible for the best and most talented among them to receive training in Europe – because competent carpenters and woodworking specialists were necessary to be able to guarantee production at an international level. Even then, we had a plan to establish a training institution on site. A plan that we unfortunately had to abandon when the family left the country in 1974 due to the political situation at that time.

Today the framework conditions have changed (Ghana is a stable, peaceful democracy), but our commitment has remained the same. More than ever, we see the potential of Ghana and hope it develops. In our company, Mim Cashew & Agricultural Products, we have employed up to 1,500 people locally who process cashew nuts mainly for export to the USA. For such a factory to be able to assert itself on the world market, modern know-how is necessary, but so are the experts who can apply it. Instead of buying these experts abroad, we rely on on-site training.

This was the beginning of the academy: a technical academy for the companies in Mim. However, we were not satisfied with simply this. We wanted a professional academy, a broad range of training opportunities, financial security for academy operations and a concept that consistently focused on sustainability. They’re ambitious goals, which we were able to achieve with our team in Mim and will continue to expand.

What for so many years had only existed as an idea has finally become reality today: the Ghana Greentech Academy provides young people from the region with a high-quality education that prepares them for a successful career – internationally for some of them, but above all locally. This way Ghana can use its wealth of natural resources for a future the country itself benefits from the most.

Lars Wallevik


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