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The Ghana Greentech Academy is located in Mim, a small town in the region of Brong-Ahafo in western Ghana. The region is poor and the level of education is generally very low. This is where we come in, investing for the long-term future.

The academy has offered technical vocational training to young women and men since 2016, completely without school fees. Like most vocational schools in Europe, the training takes three years. In addition to a focus on electrical engineering, we teach English, mathematics, IT, social studies and natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics). As a result, our academy graduates not only receive a state-certified technical vocational academy certificate, but also a senior high school diploma upon passing their final examination.

We ask a high level of commitment and professionalism from our students. We prepare them for the working world by requiring not just good grades, but innovation and creativity as well. The process builds character and a can-do mindset. This strengthens their ability to assert themselves independently later on.

We pay particular attention to the development of social competence. Many have yet to learn social cohesion and teamwork, which are indispensable assets in the difficult realities of young people’s lives. Through continuous work over the last 3 years, the academy has established itself in the local structures of the communities around Mim and now enjoys a great reputation there.

The Ghana Greentech Academy currently has 56 students. In order to guarantee the thorough development of all students, we only accept a maximum of 25 new students per year.

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Mim, a city in the tropical rainforest
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Ghana Greentech Academy
P.O. Box 51, Mim,
Brong Ahafo, Ghana
Tel: +233 545 59 06 31

Ghana Greentech Academy
Förderverein e.V.
Hardtbergweg 16
61476 Kronberg, Germany
Tel: +233 557 05 52 09

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