Bamboo Bikes

3 hours to the academy

The average distance to the academy in Mim is long: Some of our students need up to three hours a day to get to the academy and back home. On foot. None of our students have the financial means to afford a used bicycle. So we built a bicycle workshop for our students on the premises of the Academy, and equipped it with tools and a workbench. And we rewarded each of our 10 best-performing students with a Bamboo Bike (Made in Ghana!). A bicycle improves the attendance rate by up to 28%* and academy performance can increase by up to 59%*.


The bamboo bikes are the pride and joy of our students and by far their most valuable possessions.

In a two-week workshop, they were also able to learn how to maintain their bikes. The use of the bicycle repair shop is free of charge for the students, and they can buy spare parts at cost price. Plus, the bikes have an effect: The students with the bikes have become even better and the rest of the students are working hard to get one.

To achieve this, they must reach over 80% in three areas:
1. Grade average

2. Attendance
3. Social behaviour

To continue to reward and promote good performance, we would now like to purchase more bamboo bicycles. We have the possibility to buy bikes via at the very reasonable price of 200 Euro per piece. Support us in this: With your investment in this project, you reward the students’ achievement and improve their everyday lives.

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