Where the green in Greentech comes from

In addition to technical training, we teach our students environmental stewardship and sustainability through agricultural training. They become aware of how their decisions can impact the natural world. We use the academy grounds for the ecological cultivation of fruits and vegetables. From tree nursery to harvest, we plant and raise corn, yams, cocoyam, cassava, sweet potato, pineapple, plantain, bananas, papaya, mango, coffee, moringa, carrots, cabbage, peppers, spring onions, onions and chilies. Our students are allowed to take the harvest home for their own use – which in many cases is an important support for the families.

In the region, almost every family grows some food. This means agricultural work is deeply rooted in the everyday lives of the Ghanaians in Brong-Ahafo.

However, there is almost always a lack of specialist knowledge on how to successfully cultivate their small areas. But through the project, the students can pass on their knowledge to their families and friends to better manage their own farms. Students have one hour of agricultural theory per week and one hour of practical work in the field. The two hours per week under the supervision of our teacher William Amegah (Bachelor in Agriculture) were added to the curriculum in consultation with the parents.

We look forward to your support in order to continue this project. We need money for seedlings, tools, organic fertilizers and pesticides, as well as numerous tools and materials to maintain the fields and nursery. Our goal is to install an irrigation system powered by solar water pumps.

Installing this system would be an excellent application of our technical and agricultural education.
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