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We are a non-profit organisation, which means that you can get involved with us in various ways. Every investment counts. Just figure out what suits you best. What’s always certain is that an organisation stands and falls with its members. It’s best to join in right now!


Come aboard

The Ghana Greentech Förderverein e.V. needs you – because an organisation can only function with active members. The annual membership fee is 50 Euro. As a member, you will receive a newsletter from us once a quarter so that you stay up to date. There are no obligations for you. With your membership, …


Into the future

The Ghana Greentech Academy is financed exclusively by support associations in Denmark and Germany, and by the generous support of the Wallevik family. We want to make the best technical education possible for our students – in Ghana, but on a European level. To continue …


With pleasure and a plan

Would you like to visit us and support us? Great! That makes us happy! Please send us your application, tell us something about yourself and what you would like to do here. You can support our teachers, improve an existing project or start a new one. We ask for your understanding that we can only accept …

Ghana Greentech Academy
P.O. Box 51, Mim,
Brong Ahafo, Ghana
Tel: +233 545 59 06 31

Ghana Greentech Academy
Förderverein e.V.
Hardtbergweg 16
61476 Kronberg, Germany
Tel: +233 557 05 52 09

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