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Invest? Yes, because education is an investment. Our educational offer is free of charge for the students, so that every young person in the region can benefit from it. Your support makes this possible.


With a sponsorship, you cover the academy’s costs for one student for one year, concretely and personally. We look forward to an exchange between you and your sponsored student via social media.


Education requires stability and security. That’s why continuous investments help us the most. Become a member now!

About us

Akwaaba – Willkommen – Velkommen – Welcome

Our goal: In one of the poorest areas of Ghana, we want to become the best technical vocational academy in the country. We finance ourselves exclusively through your investments, which provide tuition-free lessons for girls and boys.

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    Investing in the future


    Education and social media

    Sponsoring one or more students means two things: Firstly, your investment covers the educational costs for one student per year. So you are investing in the academy itself, ensuring that our educational offer can continue to be professional and high-quality. Of course, this also has a direct effect on …

    Bamboo Bikes

    3 hours to the academy

    The average distance to the academy in Mim is long: Some of our students need up to three hours a day to get to the academy and back home. On foot. None of our students have the financial means to afford a used bicycle. So we built a bicycle workshop for our students on the premises of the Academy, …


    Where the green in Greentech comes from

    In addition to technical training, we teach our students environmental stewardship and sustainability through agricultural training. They become aware of how their decisions can impact the natural world. We use the academy grounds for the ecological cultivation of fruits and …


    The academy in numbers


    How an idea can change everything

    Ghana is a country rich in natural resources. Our motivation in founding the Ghana Greentech Academy was to help the people here to market and distribute these resources internationally, on their own. From our own resources: this is the decisive key word – because only in this way can it be ensured that the wealth of the country will be preserved for future generations.


    Our founders, supporters and friends

    Ghana Greentech Academy
    P.O. Box 51, Mim,
    Brong Ahafo, Ghana
    Tel: +233 545 59 06 31

    Ghana Greentech Academy
    Förderverein e.V.
    Hardtbergweg 16
    61476 Kronberg, Germany
    Tel: +233 557 05 52 09

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